Difference between Cream Cheese and Neufchatel Cheese

Cream Cheese – Neufchatel Cheese is there a difference?

Both cheese types are very simular in look and taste. The mayor differences are the ingredients French Neufchatel Cheese uses whole milk whilst Cream Cheese is uses cream and pasteurized milk.

Normandie the home of Neufchatel Cheese and cream cheeseNeufchatel is one of the oldest cheese varieties in France. Records trace the production back to the sixth century.  The origin of the cheese is  in the Normandy to be more accurate the town of Neufchatel  a country town in Seine-Maritime, Dieppe district. On the ROUTE DE LA MER, on the ROUTE D’OR a rural holiday area on the ROUTE DES FROMAGES NORMANDS.  The area is specialised in dairy products and farming. The products produced are of high quality. The Neufchâtel cheese along with ” the petit suisse ” and ” the double sel ” contribute to the outstanding gastronomically reputation of the district.

The ” Neufchâtel” is one of the few French cheeses which received the ” appellation d’Origine par le Comité National d’Appellation d’ Origine des Fromages ( C.N.A.O.F) a special trademark award. The ” neufchâtel” is essentially a farm product, it comes in various shapes: the ” bonde” the ” briquette”, the ” carré”, the ” cœur” and the ” double-bonde”. The gourmets will savour its unique flavour.

Unripened Neufchâtel cheese is white like snow, soft and easily spreadable. In this form it is the perfect candidate for a delicious cheesecake.  As the cheese matures a soft rind develops and it becomes more crumbly.

In the US Neufchâtel cheese is often advertised or sold as Farmers Cheese.  You can easily replace Cream Cheese with Neufchâtel cheese or the other way around. So next time when you bake your cheesecake you can use neufchatel cheese instead of cream cheese and taste the difference.


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