Getting Over The Loss Of A Loved One

By Alan Redman

Losing someone you love and who is close to you is certainly sad however it can also be a way to get members of the family and distant relatives together once more. Many families are separated, sometimes due to arguments and other times simply to work commitments that have meant moving to other parts of the country. Holding a funeral service for a loved one can be a great chance to once again reunite these people and through sharing memories of the deceased become closer once again.

If you have recently lost a loved one, whether due to illness or old age, you will typically invite close members of the family to the actual service to keep costs down. The larger the service the more it will cost. Holding a wake or gathering at the family home following the service is a great opportunity to invite those that didn’t attend the service. Food is generally laid on in a buffet style so people can help themselves as and when they want.

To ensure you invite as many people to the gathering as you can make sure that invitations are sent out as early as possible. Bear in mind that many people may have to book time off work to attend so they will need a few days’ notice. Many people also place an announcement in the newspapers informing people of their loved ones recent death. This is a great idea if the deceased has moved around over the years and lost touch with many of their friends. Getting in touch with old work colleagues can also help so ask family members to help contact as many as they can. The more people you can invite the better the wake will be and undoubtedly the deceased family will appreciate the support.

To avoid having to organise the food yourself, your funeral home will be able to recommend a local, reliable caterer. Some wakes are held in the funeral home itself, however it is seen as a more personal affair if held in the family home of the deceased.

Although losing a loved one is sad and for some people the loss can be simply unbearable it is important to see their funeral service as a celebration of their life and not as a depressing event. Nowadays funeral homes cater for a number of needs and can provide a range of burial and cremation services that suit every family’s needs and budget.

From corona cremations to a glendale cremation we can cater for all your fuenral service needs.

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